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What can be said about Martin Luther King Jr. that hasn’t already been said? The man was a visionary, an incredible speaker who wished to show the world that all people were created to live on an equal playing field. That all people, no matter who they are, should be given the same chance.

In 2019, we are still struggling with this concept on many levels. However, we stand in a better place than we once did. We continue to evolve and learn about one another. Keep fighting the good fight.

gallery holiday sale

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It’s time to start thinking about your holiday list! We’re offering 20% off our push pin maps at this wonderful, magical holiday sales event only at our studio. Considering one of our maps? We have them all in stock and ready to send home with you! Chart your journey around the world with these rustic, modern, and beautiful push pin maps. We’re excited to meet you and hear your stories about your trips, vacations, and your plans for the future! December 1st 2018 only, 10 am to 3 pm. See you there!

Cyber Monday SALE

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Oh no! The sales are almost over and it’s time to grab one last thing. Make it a pin map! For one last day we’re running 10% off our push pin maps, no matter what size or design you love the most! Use CYBERTEN at checkout to get your 10% off and enjoy a beautiful map on your wall for this holiday season! They’re a fantastic way to break the ice and connect with your holiday dinner party guests

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small business saturday

stop by the gallery today for small business saturday and get 20% off of all pin maps.


Are you local? For those of us in the San Anselmo area, come on in! During Small Business Saturday, we’re offering 20% off our push pin maps for those in the local area. Unfortunately, we cannot provide a code for online orders for the same rate. We encourage you to hop in your car and stop past our showroom. Not only can you snag a cool pin map, but you’ll be able to admire our globe work and talk to us personally about custom orders. We look forward to seeing you here! 11:00 am to 2:00 pm Saturday November 23rd 2018.

Black Friday Sale

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Black Friday is here! This year we’re offering 10% off our pin maps. Show the world where you’ve been and where you’re going with these awesome wall maps. We love to track our trek around the world,using social media and photography to show off everywhere we’ve been. These maps offer you a quick way to point out all the interesting conversation-starters you’ve seen and what you still want to do. They’re perfect for breaking the ice during your upcoming holiday dinner parties.

Use code FRIDAYTEN at checkout to enjoy 10% off!

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Celebrating My Woman-Owned Business

Proud to be a woman owned and operated business.



Becoming a business owner is the dream of so many, and a true passion of mine.¬†Instead of one, I wear many hats: that of marketer, web designer, artist, owner. It’s one reason why I celebrate #internationalwomensday.

Because working so hard for my passion and my dreams is worth it. And yours are, too.



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NEW- World in Harmony Vintage Map Art




We have this beautiful map in both a dark background and a light background to really jazz up your home decor. Whether you’re the sort that sits in an opera box or the type who simply enjoys the music from the outside, this world is absolutely in harmony with itself. One of the most gorgeous maps we’ve ever made and one we’re very proud of. This map is the perfect fit for your musical proteges as well. And isn’t a world in harmony everything that we’ve always wished for? Keep the dream alive with this gorgeous map.

new year, new direction… happy 2018

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The east is filled with life and support, encouragement for what the new year will be; or won’t be. It all depends on how you enter into it. Personally, I suggest closing your eyes and thrusting away the difficult year of 2017. With so many poor weather conditions and fires here in California, it’s been hard for us. But we’re ready to meet 2018 with a spring in our step and a song in our heart. We’re certain that if you do the same, the year will treat you well. Let’s go, everyone!

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Well, WE built a snowman!

In fact, we call him our… snowglobe.

Isn’t he adorable? We had to figure out a way to keep him from melting, but we really wanted to have someone festive. As warm as it is, we needed to make him out of something permanent, long-lasting, and made of quality materials. What better than some of our spare globes laying around? We’ll get these into bigger art projects later next year, but for now? This little guy is the perfect marker for our shop!