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meatball sun

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Food culture is intricately wrapped in our collective consciousness. We recognize places by what we know the people to eat there. Germany is famous for its sausages and sauerkraut.Canada is well known for theirmaple syrup. Italy is a pasta paradise. While we recognize these as stereotypes, we alsofind such rich history behind them with a quick jump off the map.

Food has its reasons for being so popular in certain areas. Whether due to a particular climate, available resources, or tradition, many of us travel just for a taste. This beautiful piece of art reminds us that the roots of our food are the roots of who we are, where we are, and where we come from.

off the map monday- thirst quencher

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There is no problem so large you can’t solve it.

Take, for instance, this cat. Perched upon the city, his paws as large as houses, he drinks slow and deep fromthe river in front of him. How did he get there without harming the homes and the people beneath him?

He took his time. The cat watched where he stepped and knew he would need those people one day. Whether they pull briars from his fur or offer him dinner, he was thoughtful, careful, and bright.

This surreal decoupaged Bengal cat is a wonderful reminder to keep an eye on where you walk. You’ll get to where you’re going soon, but the journey is the best part.

bloom this off the map monday

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The sun shines bright, but these sunflowers are even brighter. Decoupaged over a distant, rural map, this piece holds true a tenant of life long said: Bloom where you’re planted.

And in this it is true. Whether we are in a position at work that isn’t ideal or if we’re trying to calm a colicky baby, this moment is made for us. Embrace the positives of it. Your home, your hearth, and your soft bed are all just for you. Your family, be they related or chosen, loves you.

And if you can live this truth in your life, you too, will bloom!

off the map- the pacific

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The ocean has fascinated humanity for as long as we can remember. Beneath the waves churn a vast array of sea life that we’ve yet to catalog and identify. It’s a mystery, a beauty, and a passion.

Illustrated on this particular piece of art is the lifeblood of the Pacific ocean. These friendly, bright fish swish and flick across the map, showing off a stunning array of colors and bringing wonder to your walls. The curling red strands press deep into the ocean and the fish, representing the connection between them and the corals they call home.

The wonder of our oceans is as deep as that of ourselves. Humans are made of water, born from water, and would wilt without it. Drink deep the many fantasies of the sea and enjoy the crashing of the waves.


fly away with me- off the map

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Fly Away With Me encourages you to look at where you are and where you’re heading. As these two bluebirds meet in flight, a spark is lit. They may be heading opposite directions, but they know that their ultimate destination lies together. Does one swoop to join the other? Or do they pick another direction to fly away as one?

When we choose our paths, we’re not just setting goals for ourselves. We’re meeting and sharing with new people. We’re finding new places. And we’re flying away, together or separate, on something bold, beautiful, and unknown. Our choices open wonderful doors, whether they require a little doubling back or picking a new road altogether.

off the map monday- growth

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This piece, The Journey of Growth, is a circle. Like all things, there is no true beginning or end other than the ones we plot on our personal maps. This means that when we start or when we stop, is completely up to us. We own how much we grow. We are both the garden and the gardener.

And that is an amazing attribute of being human. It allows us this level of control over our own fate that is unprecedented. Even if you’re at a job that isn’t your passion, you still have the ability to continue to pursue other things and improve, learn, and explore. You have the ability to keep growing.


off the map monday

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Situated a long way from home is our favorite crowned crane. As these birds grow ever more endangered, the way we keep them going evolves. Though this bird was born in Africa, he’s found a wonderful home in South America. Here he is safe, loved, and well cared for. He has all the food he can eat and all the ladies he can impress.

And this is something we must remember for ourselves, for after a time we grow endangered as well if we do not care for ourselves. Invest in yourself and your potential. Even if you simply take an hour of your day to enrich yourself or wander after a curiosity, this is enough. Find what makes you happy, look into it, and learn about it. Enrich yourself and provide a safe area where you can show off!