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The Cat Came Back


Revisiting our favorite curious kitty, we find him in Stanford watching a ballgame. Though most of our work has deeper meanings, this one is just for fun. Sometimes you have to loosen up and let the kitty whack a football straight through the uprights, right?

But let’s try for a little deeper meaning, anyway. Maybe the message really is just to loosen up and have some fun these days. We spend so long working toward our goals and, while admirable, sometimes we just need to take a step back and enjoy what’s out there.

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Roses in New York


All a-bloom with butterflies to boot, this map of New York City focuses on Ward 24. Rife with colorful characters and romantic melodies, this little butterfly has found his happy place upon a white rose. White roses symbolize simplicity, purity, and new beginnings. As this butterfly flutters on his way, he’s feeling refreshed and ready to take on a new day.

Follow in this butterfly’s path. Find your happy place and take a breather there. Sometimes you just need to recharge (and maybe get a little snack while you’re at it). Self-care is being self-aware!

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Glorious Africa


Tucked in the heart of Africa is a gentle prize! This mother elephant has only love in her eyes. She adores her baby, showing her the wonders of the waterhole and all beyond it. This wonderful map of Africa reminds us what a mother’s love really stands for: encouragement, adoration, and enrichment.

For if there is any true and wonderful teacher in this world, it is the parent. Thank your parents today, whether they’re here or not, because they helped to shape your formative years and make you what you are now!

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Erry Day


These little birds are hustlin’! Set over the sea, these birds better keep beating their wings to remain free! Sometimes, when we’re above and in flight, we don’t look down at what we might end up in. That’s because we’re ready to keep doing the hard work to keep ourselves aloft. Never look back on the bad times or what might happen if you take that leap. Fate loves the fearless! It’s time to jump out of the nest, flap your wings, and soar.

Follow these birds’ example and take a chance as fall turns into winter this year!

Falling into Fall!

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Though the sizzling of summer hasn’t quite left some of the country, we find ourselves in the sweaters-and-hot-chocolate embrace of fall at last! Now is the time to plan for next year, looking into the future with fond memories of the spring and summer. Autumn is a time of remembrance, with so many festivals for our ancestors falling in this period. Look back, look forward, and settle in with a warm apple cider as you plan new beginningsyour gardenand make lists of your goals for 2020. We’re excited to see you reach them!

Sand and Sky

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This sandgrouse sits upon a map of Saudi Arabia. As it gazes up toward the corner at the flying ant, we’re inspired to ask ourselves why he doesn’t simply go and capture it. Instead, he bides his time and waits for the ant to become fatter, heavier, giving him far more nutrition for less effort. This little bird encourages us to wait for the right time to spring and reach our goals rather than taking the smaller portion offered at first.

A beuatiful insect.A smart bird. A beautiful customizable map to remind us.

Butterflies in the Field

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Hard at work storing up for the winter and pollinating the late fall flowers are these gorgeous butterflies. They flutter and soar across the wide world, loving the native flora.

As fall begins to put this foliage to sleep, we consider our gardens for next year. I encourage you to plant a small area for your pollinators. Local seed stores will have wildflower mixes that will attract your butterflies and bees to both those flowers, and ones that produce fruits and vegetables for you. Feed the butterflies and eat like a king!