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We are thrilled to announce that we will be participating in #The100DayProject tomorrow right here on Instagram!
#The100DayProject is a free art project that takes place online. Every spring, thousands of people all around the world commit to 100 days of exploring their creativity. We are excited to showcase a carefully curated selection of work from our #offthemap series starting a week on Tuesday. We hope you follow along.
Tag us in your own creations, and re-share using @wendygoldstudios and #the100dayproject.

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NEW- Voyager World Push Pin Map


Log your travels around the world with our Voyager World Push Pin Map, designed by artist Wendy Gold. This stunning push pin map features a world map with a light blue and grey background, classic vintage styling with a compass and flowing banner that states “World Travels”, includes personalization with the name(s) of an individual, family, or couple and an optional date.

Handmade in the USA, our world map is professionally printed, mounted on foam core, available unframed or framed in your choice of four recycled wood frames, and offered in three standard sizes. To further customize your pin map, add a map legend. This pin map also includes 100 map pins, is well packaged for its journey to your home, arrives ready to hang, and makes a wonderful gift for any traveler.


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NEW Anchored by Love Push Pin Map


Start recording your journeys together with our custom designed anchored in love themed world pushpin map by artist Wendy Gold. This whimsical pushpin map features a teal colored background with colorful accents, includes complimentary personalization with the names of a couple, is professionally printed, mounted on thick foam core, available unframed or framed in your choice of four recycled wood frames, and offered in three standard sizes.


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Wendy Gold Studios™ Debuts Signature Collection of Push Pin Globes for Travel Enthusiasts.

Wendy Gold Studios™ is pleased to announce the debut of its Signature Collection of custom designed Push Pin Globes. Created by California artist Wendy Gold, this exceptional collection of push pin globes has been custom designed for individuals, couples, and families to track their worldwide travels, dream of and plan for new explorations, and to celebrate their adventurous spirit.
Sleek and modern in design and handmade in the USA, the Wendy Gold Studios™ push pin globe collection includes four product line designs to fit every budget. Designs include standard signature pin push globes, push pin globes with personalized legends, custom decoupage art push pin globes, and push pin globes with custom engraved bases. Pin globes are offered in four colors, the custom handmade wood bases are available in four finishes, and each pin globe comes with a push pin travel kit containing everything needed to start pinning travels.
Since 2010, artist Wendy Gold has been creating artwork for explorers, and her brand has expanded to include collections of personalized push pin travel maps, stunning vintage map art, and decoupage vintage globe art. In looking to the future, Wendy felt that the next frontier for her brand was to create a line of push pin globes, however when she wasn’t able to find any globes that met her visual and functional standards, Wendy Gold decided to move forward and create her own.
The Wendy Gold Studios™ collection of push pin globes make unique milestone gifts for anyone who loves to travel including those celebrating an anniversary, wedding, birthday, graduation, or even retirement. They also make exceptional gifts for the upcoming holiday season, especially with prices starting at only $189 for the standard signature push pin globes.
To learn more about the Wendy Gold Studios™ Push Pin Globe Collection, or to shop now for the perfect milestone gift for the traveler in your life, visit www.wendygold.com

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NEW Portland, Oregon Map Art



We are exceptionally pleased with how this turned out!

This pull-down Portland overhead map is a beautiful reminder of times long past, who we were and where we’re heading. Portland is one of the most exceptional cities on the west coast; constantly innovating, constantly exploring and rediscovering itself. Like a butterfly, it has taken a long time to change into the beautiful, splendid thing that it is today.

As we enjoy the high-quality art of this map and a peek into Portland’s past, consider looking at how far you’ve come too. A month, a day, or even a year ago, you were further away from your goals than you are now. Keep going. Keep evolving. Keep becoming the best you that you can be.

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new editions for pride month


Pride month is that special time of year when the community at large comes together to celebrate who they are. It’s a time of expression, full of diversity, with the freedom to show the world ones unique self. But why stop in June?

These maps were created for clients who wanted to show off their pride year-round. Whether it be a gorgeous rainbow road through their travels or a simple heart-shaped icon for their travel memories map, these are two incredible examples of pride at work. And we’re delighted to have been a part of it!

It need not end with rainbows, either. Maps like these are fully-customizable. We can do any color scheme you want, any LGBTQ+ flag, or any combination. We want to serve the heart of the matter and make it as unique as every individual on this earth.

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NEW- World of Equestrian Map Art



As we enter the year of the dog, we examine our pets a little more closely than we did last year. What does the year of the dog mean? A year made of loyalty? Or a year where we inhibit the glorious mind of our labrador and find fun everywhere we go?

In this map, we see dogs all around the world. From pets to protectors, their wonderful and brilliant coats blend and match with their surroundings. Each pup is special in their own way, perfect for the path they are intended to walk. Just like we are.

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NEW Brooklyn New York Vintage Map Art



What a find! Do you love old New York? With its gorgeous streets trimmed with gold and so many dreams, New York City and its surrounding areas became famous worldwide for being the incredible city that it is. Though this map is long-since changed and transformed, this gives us a look back at a golden era of Brooklyn; when things were simpler and the sky was the limit.

Familiar with New York City as we are, we know the sky is still the limit if you embrace your dreams and go the distance.

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NEW USA Mountain Bike Trail Push Pin Map



Are you a biking enthusiast? Find yourself on the trails more than in your living room? Chart your journey with this push pin map. We use these to track what trails you’ve been on and spark discussions about the ones you still want to travel! This is a wonderful way to keep track of where you’ve been and where you still want to go. Plus, you can add this to the center of a collage of trail biking pictures for a gorgeous wall treatment unique to you!