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About Wendy Gold Studios

All maps and globes are handmade by Wendy Gold and her assistants in her San Anselmo studio. Her works use the geographic backdrop of maps and globes to connect people to their adventures – past, present, and future.


7 thoughts on “About Wendy Gold Studios

  1. Dear Ms. Gold:

    I love your globes!
    They are so very inspiring that I could not keep them to myself!
    I featured you and your work on my blog recently!
    I know that it will inspire others, and I hope it brings you even more of the exposure you so deserve!

    The post is at
    if you’d like to check it out!


  2. Dear Wendy,

    I love your Fishy Art! Today, Mother’s Day, my mom and I just finished the Ocean Life puzzle Santa brought me!
    I think it is so beautiful that I posted it on my http://www.pescos.com site under Pescosbulous Art! Check it out sometimes, I hope my followers buy your art.

    Louis Enzo


  3. Where are you located in San
    Anselmo? Do you have a shop or
    Studio that we could visit?
    Thanks- Angela

  4. I’m saving up to buy your large unframed California Love, California map lithograph. It’ll go great w/my Sedona Arizona print.

  5. Hello , Im interested in some of your work. How do I contact about prices and such details?–Whitney

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