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About ImagineNations

ImagineNations are whimsical worlds, decoupaged by hand with recycled materials on vintage globes. Each work of art is a one of a kind, custom designed, creation. Add some color and spirit to your world…

7 thoughts on “About ImagineNations

  1. Dear Ms. Gold:

    I love your globes!
    They are so very inspiring that I could not keep them to myself!
    I featured you and your work on my blog recently!
    I know that it will inspire others, and I hope it brings you even more of the exposure you so deserve!

    The post is at
    if you’d like to check it out!


  2. Dear Wendy,

    I love your Fishy Art! Today, Mother’s Day, my mom and I just finished the Ocean Life puzzle Santa brought me!
    I think it is so beautiful that I posted it on my site under Pescosbulous Art! Check it out sometimes, I hope my followers buy your art.

    Louis Enzo


  3. Where are you located in San
    Anselmo? Do you have a shop or
    Studio that we could visit?
    Thanks- Angela

  4. I’m saving up to buy your large unframed California Love, California map lithograph. It’ll go great w/my Sedona Arizona print.

  5. Hello , Im interested in some of your work. How do I contact about prices and such details?–Whitney

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