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off the map- summer travel

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The summer vacation is one of historical precedence. Courts and kingdoms moved during the summer to cool off near the sea or atop high mountains. Later, agriculture would influence when summer started and ended. Hundreds of years passed, and summer is seen as a necessary resting period, and a way to restore the family unit after a long and rigorous school year.

Whether we’re out and active through these few hot months or just relaxing by the beach, we enjoy our leisure in the summer. While doing this, we experience a number of different things. We reflect on the past months and set goals for the upcoming fall. We complete resolutions left over from the first half of the year. We travel, we take risks, and we grow. If Spring is our first step out of the chilly winter snows, Summer is the pacer helping us learn where we want to be and what we want to do for the rest of the year.

It’s always busy, but that’s part of the joy. Summer brings with it the chance to experience and see so many new things. Summer Travel embodies that as this cheerful little bird gazes at a plant it hasnever seen before, in a state it visits for the first time. What will it find? What will it learn? And what will it take home with it as a memory of a summer long gone?

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